Donating hearing aids for reuse or recycling


We are now working in partnership with the Lions Clubs International – a charity who do extraordinary things to help others and support good causes throughout the British Iles. We are pleased to be working with the charity by donating unwanted hearing aids for their hearing and recycling scheme.

Lions’ clubs throughout the British Isles collect and process thousands of unwanted hearing aids each year which are then recycled to support the work of hearing clinics around the world. Since May 2015, Lions have collected almost 90,000 hearing aids and ancillary items and we are pleased to be able to contribute by donating hearing aids and helping to transform the lives of adults and children in other countries.

How it works

Lions collect hearing aids and send them to regional Lions hearing aid recycling centres. The centres then use donated hearing aids in the following ways:

  • Working with hearing care professionals to refurbish donated hearing aids to fit the individual needs of the recipient.
  • Repairing and refurbishing donated hearing aids to help transform the lives of developing nations.
  • Giving donated hearing aids to participating manufacturers who issue credit to the Lions for all useful parts which is then used in other areas of the charity’s good work.

The charity is also able to accept old mobile phone and glasses, whether broken or in great condition. If they are expensive glasses frames, they will sell these back to certain companies for refurbishment and again use this money towards their charity work.

For more information visit: Lions Clubs International | British Isles