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Offering a complete service, from home eye and hearing tests, all the way through to glasses, hearing aids and aftercare

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Convenient and comfortable healthcare at home

Struggling to get out for your eye or hearing tests? Let us come to you.

Experience comprehensive eye and hearing care in the place where you're most comfortable - at home. From comprehensive testing to selecting glasses or hearing aids.

Our mobile Optometrists and Audiologists carry the latest portable testing equipment and provide immediate results and advice.

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Dedicated and experienced clinicians

With over 35 years of experience, our healthcare professionals are experts at providing accessible eye and hearing care.

Whilst our service is a great choice for anyone, we're the go-to for those who can't easily get out and about.

Our Optometrists and Audiologists are trained to support a range of cognitive abilities, including dementia, which allows each individual to receive the best possible care in their own familiar surroundings.

Free tests at home

Many of our customers qualify for NHS home eye and hearing tests.

We deliver free home eye tests on behalf of the NHS.

Our home hearing tests are free of charge, whether you qualify for our NHS or choose our private service.

Simply complete the form by clicking the button below and our friendly team will give you a call back and explain all of your options.

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A complete, end-to-end service

From tests all the way through to glasses, hearing aids and aftercare.

If you need new glasses or hearing aids, we'll help you find the perfect match from a variety of styles and price points.

Our glasses are custom-made for you in the UK. And our hearing aid solutions are tailored to your specific lifestyle.

Plus, you’ll get full aftercare at no extra cost.

Our care home service

We offer eye and hearing care not only to individuals at home, but also to care home residents.

With Visioncall now part of OutsideClinic, our service encompasses everything from initial booking to testing, fitting glasses or hearing aids, and ongoing aftercare.

Each home has a dedicated account manager. We handle reminders for upcoming tests and can communicate directly with residents' families, ensuring seamless support throughout.

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Fill in the form to request a home eye or hearing test and one of our team will be in touch. If you have any questions, please call our friendly team on 0808 239 3615.

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