Tips for wearing face masks with hearing aids


As face coverings become part of our daily life, it is becoming apparent that people with hearing loss have found it increasingly challenging. The over-the-ear face masks make it difficult for those with hearing aids to remove the mask without entangling the hearing aid and potentially losing or breaking it. Here we have listed a few tips for wearing a face mask with your hearing aid.

1. Use a face mask that ties around your head if you can
2. If you have long hair, pull it back into a bun and loop the face mask elastics around the bun
3. Sew two buttons on either side of a headband or a hat and loop the face mask elastics around the buttons
4. Try using a mask extender if possible

Remember always to take your time when removing the mask, pulling one side at a time and always remove your mask in a secure area, so you can find your hearing aid if it does fall out.