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OutsideClinic celebrates seamless integration of bloom hearing specialists™

  • Following a year of preparation, the bloom hearing specialists™ brand will gracefully retire and transition to OutsideClinic.
  • This pivotal moment signifies an expansion of OutsideClinic’s audiology team, now comprising over 150 dedicated colleagues. This empowers OutsideClinic to serve an additional 13,000 customers annually.
  • With an expanded team and an enhanced presence on high streets across the UK, OutsideClinic solidifies its commitment to transforming lives by providing superior hearing care.

Optimism Health Group is delighted to announce the completion of the integration of the bloom hearing specialists™ business into OutsideClinic, the UK’s leading provider of domiciliary eye and hearing care services. This milestone achievement marks a significant leap forward in advancing audiology care across the UK. This is the next step in Optimism Health Group’s plan to develop a powerhouse hearing and eye care brand.

After a year of preparation, the bloom hearing specialists™ brand will be retired, and the business will operate seamlessly under the OutsideClinic banner. Over the coming months, the 11 bloom hearing specialists™ stores will undergo a rebranding as OutsideClinic while continuing their regular operations. This integration presents an exciting opportunity to elevate audiology services, strengthening the audiology team to a robust workforce of over 150 colleagues. This increase empowers OutsideClinic to serve an additional 13,000 customers annually, reaffirming its commitment to enhancing lives through improved hearing.

OutsideClinic is delighted to have appointed a new Audiology Commercial Director, who assumed her role in September 2023. Paula Cave expressed her enthusiasm, stating: “We are thrilled to embark on this journey of unity, combining the strengths of bloom hearing specialists™ and OutsideClinic to deliver the highest quality audiology care. Our expanded team, extensive high street presence, and increased capacity are all significant steps toward our goal of transforming lives through improved hearing.” 

Paula Cave, Audiology Commercial Director

Since the introduction of audiology services in 2009, OutsideClinic has witnessed remarkable growth, including the acquisition of two other businesses, Visioncall in September 2021, and Care Opticians in January 2022.

In 2023, OutsideClinic conducted over 30,000 hearing visits across the UK. In 2024, they are actively seeking additional audiologists to join their new and improved team as they strive to meet the growing demand for domiciliary audiology services. If you are passionate about audiology and wish to be part of their exciting journey of enhancing lives through improved hearing care, visit their careers page at Audiology - OutsideClinic to learn more and apply today.


For further information, images, or to request an interview with Paula Cave, OutsideClinic’s Hearing Commercial Director, please contact Sophie Bale, Communications & Social Media Executive, at or 01793 648615.

Notes to Editors

As the UK's largest and fastest-growing provider of domiciliary eye and hearing care and the first domiciliary audiology service provider to achieve IQIPS (Improving Quality in Physiological diagnostic services) accreditation, OutsideClinic is on a mission to ensure that everyone who needs it has access to clinically excellent optometry and audiology services in the comfort of their own home.

Established over 35 years ago, with a growing team of industry-leading clinicians based across the UK, OutsideClinic is already delivering extraordinary care with over 300,000 face-to-face visits in people's homes achieved in 2023.

Working with its supportive owners, Optimism Health Group, OutsideClinic is dedicated to becoming the premier destination for professionals in the field of audiology. With access to cutting-edge mobile technology, unwavering support from an award-winning head office team, and a strong emphasis on employee wellbeing, our organisation provides an environment for our audiologists to flourish while significantly improved the lives of our patients.


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