Supermarket launches “dementia-friendly” checkout design


A Chester supermarket has redesigned a checkout, in collaboration with Dementia Friends, an Alzheimer’s Society initiative, to make it easier to use for people living with dementia.

The redesign includes new signage with “clear, basic fonts”, a “simple message” and the use of “contrasting colours” to enable the images and words to be distinct.

The checkout area has also been “decluttered” from last-minute promotional items normally found at tills, such as chocolate and magazines, and replaced with dementia awareness leaflets.

A poster with descriptive imagery of different forms of sterling coin currency has also been added above the checkout, as a memory aid for shoppers.

It is also a message about how dementia is everybody’s business. This will also encourage people to be more understanding of the condition. The checkout should enable people to allow more time and have a degree of understanding for those with dementia.