Summertime activities for everyone


For some, getting out and enjoying the sunshine isn't easy. Whether it's a mobility problem or a health condition that prevents you or a loved one from enjoying the outdoors, you don't have to be limited this summer. Here are some summer activities that can be enjoyed by all, including a person living with dementia.


You don't have to be green fingered to try your hand at a bit of gardening. Planting flowers, watering the plants, or harvesting fruits or vegetables can be fun activities that don't involve too much physical movement. If you cannot stand or walk for long periods, ask a loved one to get a table and chair for your garden, some flowers pots, and you can garden sitting down with a cup of tea.


Simple exercise is a great way to make the most of being outside; however, exercise isn't simple for all of us. But there are lots of exercises that can be done, even with restrictions. Chair yoga has become very popular, and there are many videos on YouTube where you can find instructors to guide you through. If chair yoga is a bit too much, some more straightforward exercises such as rotating your ankles and wrists, arm and leg circles, or standing up and sitting back down are great for your body and circulating blood. If you can move a little bit more, a simple walk around the house, garden or around your local area is fantastic for your health. Just remember not to overdo it and know your limitations.

Bird watching

Watching the birds from your window or garden can be a pleasurable activity, particularly if you love nature and animals. Why not create a bird-friendly space by setting up food, water and shelter - it will draw in all sorts of nature before you know it? Ask a loved one for assistance if needed. Go that step further by investing in a camera or binoculars to get some close up's and make a record of your daily visitors.

Enjoy a picnic

Picnics don't always have to be enjoyed in National Trust parks or local areas. Just a simple blanket and yummy food in your back garden is enough for a lovely picnic afternoon. You could invite the grandchildren around and turn it into a teddy bear picnic. Or have some quiet time, with yourself and nature relaxing and enjoying some strawberries, sandwiches and tea in the lovely weather.


Music has a special place in our hearts, and it has an incredible power to boost our mood and create a different atmosphere. If you are feeling a bit blue, play your favourite songs. They are great for taking you back to memorable moments in your life too. Why not play your first dance music at your wedding or a song that reminds you of your childhood?

Arts and crafts

Painting, colouring and drawing are becoming trendy activities amongst adults today, as it relaxes the mind and is excellent for our mental health. Take some time out to get creative. You could paint or draw your garden view, copy a photo from your photo album or just invest in a colouring book and pens and start filling in the white spaces with lots of vibrant colours. If you can, you could sit in the garden for this activity or stay in your living room's comfort and enjoy the creative flow from there. Who knows - you might be the next Picasso?

We hope that everyone gets to enjoy a little bit of sunshine this year - but remember to protect your eyes and your skin with sunglasses and sun cream.