Poor eyesight causes 3,000 road accidents each year


Police warn some drivers are failing to get their eyes tested regularly putting themselves and others in danger. Poor vision is estimated to cause nearly three thousand casualties on the roads every year.

Currently, drivers of cars, vans and motorbikes are only required to have their eyesight checked once, when they take their driving test, by reading a number-plate. Beyond this, when they hit age 70, drivers must simply declare their vision meets legal requirements.

At this time of year, with less hours of daylight, there is a significant impact on road traffic accidents, as many journeys become more challenging in the dark whilst people adjust to the reflective glare from on-coming headlights. It is important that people need to stop driving if their eyesight is deteriorating and cannot be improved by corrective lenses and therefore the importance of good eye health and getting your eyes tested is vital to staying on the road safely.