Pollen advice from the College of Optometrists


For many, the arrival of spring marks the beginning of hay fever season, bringing the misery of eye-related symptoms.

To coincide with start of spring and summer, the College of Optometrists has produced an infographic to help sufferers identify when they are most at risk of developing symptoms of hay fever and take appropriate medication to minimise their allergy. Practitioners can also pass on valuable advice on the best medications to alleviate the most common symptoms of hay fever associated with the eyes.

The infographic, which is available on the College website, shows the peak season for each of three pollen types in a calendar. Sufferers have been urged to identify the pollen that triggers their hay fever and then consult the infographic to predict the timeframe in which they are likely to be most sensitive.

Daniel Hardiman McCartney, clinical advisor at the College of Optometrists said: ‘Often people don’t realise that using eye drops before their symptoms appear can minimise the impact of hay fever on the eyes. Using the pollen tracker and applying the recommended medication ahead of time should help prevent this from happening.