Macular Society’s Award for Excellence 2015


Congratulations to The Outside Clinic’s optometrist, Nick, who has been nominated by one of our patients for Optometrist of the Year in the Macular Society’s award for excellence 2015.

Nick has made the following statement:

“It is personally a great honour to be recognised with this nomination, as it has always been my intention and ambition to provide the very best optical healthcare and attention I can within the community. Since qualifying as an optometrist in 1993 following a successful pre-registration post at Oxford Eye Hospital, I helped set up and run a MRC funded study into cataract surgery which lasted for nearly 4 years. I very much wanted to continue my career in a community practice or position, rather than a high street practice, and was fortunate enough to be offered an optometrist position at The Outside Clinic in 1998.

Over the last 17 years I believe professionally I have been able to achieve so much in terms of professional clinical guidance and governance for my optometrist and dispensing optician colleagues, enabling us to provide a high quality service to all our patients, in bringing the practice to them at home. This would not be possible without the tremendous investment in time, energy support, direction, organisation and understanding of the managing director, management, and all the qualified and supporting staff at head office.

Testing patients in their own home gives me an unique insight into the way in which they live their daily lives, and at the same time allowing me to offer a very personal patient centred service, as I can see each patients individual circumstances and tailor my advice appropriately. This is especially important for my patients who suffer with Macular disease, as even slight changes both optically and holistically can make an enormous difference to their quality of life.

I believe patients with any form of macular disease present a unique challenge to an optometrist, one that all practitioners should aim to meet and exceed.

I’d like to thank this patient most sincerely for taking the time to nominate us, as it is the greatest accolade we could wish for that we did our best, and it was acknowledged and much appreciated.”