Is it time for you/your parents to stop driving?


There’s no legal age at which you must stop driving, however you must renew your licence at the age of 70, so maybe this is the time to decide if it it still safe for you to be on the road. Your safety and the safety of other road users are the most important things to consider. Don’t wait for an accident to convince you to stop.

Here are some older driver concerns, which may mean it’s time to give up driving:

  • Reactions are noticeably slower than they used to be
  • Eyesight can deteriorate with old age, which affects driving ability
  • Arthritis or stiffness can affect vehicle handling skills
  • Medicines can effect concentration required for driving
  • Traffic conditions can become increasingly stressful
  • You are less likely to recover from a serious injury

Remember, it is illegal to drive if you can’t read a number plate from a distance of 20.5 metres. If you need glasses or contact lenses to see this far, make sure you wear them every time you drive. By having regular eye tests, you can make sure you are still driving legally, plus as you get older, your eyes can change without you realising, your optician will be able to spot early signs of conditions that affect your ability to drive. These include:

  • cataracts
  • glaucoma
  • diabetes

If you have a medical condition that may affect your ability to drive safely – ask your GP for advice.