Introducing the company’s new initiative of department Team Days


Patient Services Team Day – Monday 16th September 2013

This is the first department Team Day organised by Chris Rudge, Patient Services Manager. Staff members of the team had a very different start to their week this Monday with a dress down day and being greeted with jokes on their desks, a running buffet through the day and the manager, supervisor and team leaders treating their team to waitress service, bringing food and drink to their desks as they worked along with many other activities.

Various prizes were given out throughout the day, the first one being to Liz who took the 100th call of the day, then many more to people for completing tasks, staff nominations, managers choice and more. “It is a lovely idea,” said Vivienne who was the winner of the Managers Award, “not like a usual Monday!”

The day was a great success, enjoyed by all and the team are already thinking about what to do to top this day when the next one comes round.