Grants for older people


Friends of the Elderly (FotE) is a charity that helps older adults living in poverty or struggling with everyday essentials. They offer a grant service to older people with no one else to turn to - offering a lifeline of support.

A life-saving service

Harold, a 68-year-old man in Wales, sought help from the charity when he found himself struggling financially and unable to afford to get himself to a hospital for essential dental work. It was a desperate situation as his teeth' issues affected his ability to ear properly, and he felt embarrassed to go out, making him isolated.

Harold said: "I collect wood for heating to not use up the electricity, I cut down on the use of water by having just one major shower per week, and I have no washing machine. It is 11.5 degrees in my house at the moment, and I can see snow outside. My hands are blue and red from the cold."

Friends of the Elderly gladly awarded Harold a grant for his transport expenses, and they remain in touch with Harold to see what further support they can offer. Harold is thinking positively about the future he can have once his medical treatment is complete.

"I am looking forward to eating properly again, to being able to socialise – I will have the confidence to now," he said.

What does the grant service fund?

This fabulous grant service is available for older people living on low incomes in England or Wales. These grants can help with the following:

  • Home essentials including washing machines, fridges, freezers and furnishings, small home repairs and mobility adaptations.
  • Digital connections include the cost of equipment like tablets and smartphones and broadband and wi-fi costs to help older people get online and stay connected.
  • Financial support helps with unexpected bills and high costs such as utility bills, funeral costs and moving fees.
  • Essential living costs including clothing, food, medicines, books and anything that become unmanageable either because of the COVID-19 pandemic or due to some pre-existing need.

If you or a loved one might be struggling financially, please contact Friends of the Elderly for some extra support and information. Visit their website here.