Funding boost makes bus journeys smoother for those with sight loss


A £2m funding boost will help to make bus journeys easier for those living with visual or hearing impairment.

As part of the It’s Everyone’s Journey campaign, audio and visual equipment will be introduced to help more passengers know where they are in their journey and where to get off.

Around 50% of public transport journeys in Great Britain are made on buses.

As part of the initiative, the Real Time Information Group will work with the Department for Transport to ensure the provision of audible and visible on-board information by small bus operators.

Transport Secretary Grant Sharpe said the campaign was about making sure that passengers have the information they need to travel confidently on local bus services throughout Great Britain.

Accessibility Minister Nusrat Ghani emphasised her commitment to removing any barriers to transport faced by disabled people.

“Every passenger, regardless of where they travel in Great Britain, should be able to do so confident that they have boarded the correct vehicle and are travelling to the right place,” she shared.