Age UK encourages ethnic communities to have vaccine


Age UK encourages older Black and other Minority Ethnic communities to have the Covid-19 vaccination.

They are working with TV personality, chef, actress and singer, Rustie Lee to highlight the importance of the Covid-19 vaccination.

Rustie Lee said: "We all need to do our part to bring the country and life back to normal. That is why I was happy to have my first jab at the start of the month. Trust me; I am a baby when it comes to having injections. But this time, it was different. I had to do this not only to protect myself but my family and everyone I might get in contact with."

The NHS has given the first dose of the vaccination to over 33 million people. However, official figures show that out of those eligible in the older generation, only seven in ten Black people and eight in ten Asian people have been vaccinated, compared to more than 90% of white people.

These differences are worrying because older Black and Asian people are more likely to test positive for Covid-19 and become seriously ill from the virus.

There are several reasons why people may not have taken up the offer of a vaccination. Research shows that these range from worries about safety and side-effects to doubts about how effective the vaccines are. Some have been put off by myths and misinformation spreading on social media. However, Age UK encourages anyone concerned about the vaccine to seek advice from a medical professional before deciding on having the vaccination or not.

Caroline Abrahams, Age UK's Charity Director, said: "Everyone involved in the vaccination programme, plus your local GP and practice nurse, is there to answer any questions or talk about any worries you might have. We are getting more information all the time about just how effective these vaccines are in keeping people safe and well, and in stopping the spread, and it is all encouraging."

Some people have also experienced practical challenges in getting to vaccination centres. However, there are now a variety of ways of accessing a vaccination, and at the moment, anyone over the age of 60 can book directly through the website or by calling 119 or responding to an invitation from their local GP.


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