A fresh look for dementia wellbeing brand Relish


Dementia wellbeing brand Relish (previously known as Active Minds) recently had a rebranding makeover which is more appealing for people living with dementia.

Bringing joy to life with dementia

Since 2010, Relish has been bringing joy and engagement to people with dementia and their carers by creating activities and games focused on well being. With the ambition to become the world-leading dementia wellbeing brand, Our Design Agency (ODA) were tasked with rebranding the dynamic company. They were keen to challenge the current dementia narrative of loss and its narrow focus on memory with a new preposition - 'bringing joy to life with dementia.'

Ben Atkinson-Willes, found of Relish, said: "We are very proud of the work we've done with ODA. They took time to understand dementia and the challenges and created a refreshing brand narrative built on real substance."

A fresh look at dementia

The design includes the new name from Active Minds, a functional name that focused solely on the brain narrative to Relish, a term that speaks to wellbeing and relishing the moment of time together that brings connection.

ODA also created a new visual concept across the website, social media, app, products, and packaging. ODA Creative Director Grant Willis said: "We set out to design a brand that anyone would enjoy, rather than a clinical tool for those living with dementia. We deliberately kept the brand identity simple - a friendly, approachable logotype, optimistic colours and hand-drawn, organic shapes representing the positive feeling that people living with dementia continue to feel after moments of connection. The overall effect is a brand that feels joyful and optimistic."

Following the dementia journey

ODA also designed a simple stage dementia journey for Relish to ensure that people selected the right product to lead to successful outcomes. Reinforcing the brand's expertise, it explains the stages and product design suitability. Although there is no hard-and-fast rule, they focus on four key stages - Early, Early-Mid, Mid-Late and Late- so that customers can easily find the right product for someone with dementia. They even have a short questionnaire to help customers find the correct level that would suit them best.

Creative Strategist at ODA, Susan Westwood, said: "Dementia often ends up defining the individual. We wanted this brand to celebrate individuals with different interests. The disease also affects how a person uses language and communicates, so we positioned Relish as a friendly ally, gently guiding and educating throughout the dementia journey, helping carers understand how to communicate with loved ones living with dementia."

ODA has built Relish into a brand that could position them as a leader in dementia wellbeing in the future - bringing emotion to their products and reassuring the customer that they are there for them on their journey.