Earwax removal at home

If you are suffering from blocked ears or are struggling to hear, it could be a build-up of earwax.

We provide an at-home service where our fully qualified hearing professionals use microsuction to safely remove any earwax build-up which may be causing you discomfort.

How to get started

From booking an appointment to having your earwax removed, here’s how our at-home earwax removal service works

Step 1

Book your appointment

You can use our , or call us on 0800 60 50 40 and our scheduling team will ask for some details and get your earwax removal appointment arranged.

Step 2

The week before

For comfort and ease of removal, wax should be softened with olive oil, or an olive-oil based spray (such as Earol), twice a day for at least five days before your appointment.

Step 3

Earwax removal

Our hearing specialist will come to your home and fully explain the procedure before using a micro suction device to gently remove your earwax.

Safe and gentle micro suction technology

Earwax is naturally produced by glands inside the ear canal, but occasionally can become hard or impacted, causing discomfort and difficulty hearing. The hearing care professional visiting you will use a fine, sterile suction device using safe low air pressure to remove any wax obstruction. This method offers much less risk than traditional irrigation methods or syringing.

Skip long waiting times

A lot of local GP practices have long waiting lists or have now stopped offering the service. If you book your appointment with us you'll be seen within weeks, not months, in the comfort and safety of your home.

“I can hear again! Fantastic service, best money I ever spent. Thank you!”

Janet, Lytham

What is earwax?

Our ears produce a natural wax in our ears to protect and clean the ear canal - this usually falls out on its own. If the body produces too much of this wax it can become impacted, causing hearing issues or discomfort.

What to expect at your appointment

The procedure will be fully explained to you before it is carried out to ensure you are happy to proceed. They will use a magnifying headset to view your ear canal as they gently insert a small probe into it, attached to a suction device which will remove the wax. Wax removal is just £95 per visit.

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