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Vaccinations for optometrists

The roll-out of the COVID vaccinations is underway, and patient-facing optometrists have been confirmed as a priority group to receive the vaccine.

We are currently registering with all local optical committee's to get all our patient-facing optometrists the vaccination. Thankfully, some of our clinical staff have already received it, but it does depend on each area when you get one.

The beginning of the end

Matt Burford, our Professional Services Manager and Optometrist, had his done in the second week of January and is relieved to be able to add that extra reassurance for his patients.

"I feel like it's the beginning of the end. Getting any vaccine is a very personal choice, but I am happy to have had it and to be able to minimise the risks to my patients, myself and my family," said Matt.

We aim to have all optometrists, who wish to receive the vaccine, administered with the first dose as soon as possible. To provide essential eye care in our patient's homes is crucial, and we want to continue to do this the safest way possible. With most of our patients now being vaccinated too, it means we can provide that essential care whilst minimising risk.

Continuation of COVID measures

Matt said: "To be able to get our optometrists vaccinated would be very reassuring for our patients. We have already been able to reassure them with our COVID measures that we have in place and with the lateral flow testing that our patient-facing staff have access to."

While we wait for all vaccinations to be given to our patients and our optometrists, we continue to reassure safety by following restrictions and guidance. We have appropriate PPE, twice-weekly lateral flow testing availability, and new equipment providing added protection to both patient and practitioner during the test. Patients can feel rest assured that they are safe, inviting us into their homes for their essential eye care.

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