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OutsideClinic is moving into a new vehicle revolution

Earlier this year, we began a £2.2m project to replace our existing fleet of vehicles, used predominantly by our clinicians, with electric equivalents.

Since then, we’ve replaced more than 77 vehicles and installed 90 charging points at the homes of our professionals.

Once complete, we expect that our new fleet of ID.4’s will reduce our carbon footprint by 638 tonnes of C02 per annum - a significant improvement.

“The rollout has gone very well so far. It has, of course, come with some challenges, but we have managed to find solutions, and everyone seems quite happy with their new vehicles. We predict that our fleet will be completely hybrid or electric from the end of March/April 2023.”

OutsideClinic’s Fleet and Facilities Manager, Neil Godfrey

With 20 vehicles to get out to our clinicians and another 29 longer-range cars arriving around March for those living in more remote areas, we are close to the end of our fleet transition.

Onwards and upwards

It couldn’t come at a more significant time as we continue to position ourselves as the largest and fastest-growing provider of domiciliary eye and hearing care in the UK following our most recent partnership with bloom hearing specialists™.

The collaboration creates a powerhouse operation comprising more than 500 colleagues working across OutsideClinic’s hearing and eye care divisions, increasing our capacity to help more patients across the UK at a time when demand for our services continues to grow.

As the company continues to develop, we want to ensure that we do all we can for the environment. Changing our vehicles is an outstanding contribution and will also achieve substantial savings for colleagues and the company as we move into a new vehicle revolution.

If you want to join us or learn more about an opportunity in your area, visit our careers website.


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