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Employee well-being strategy a hit with colleagues

The Cirencester-based programme, Tasting Colours, was introduced to support the health and well-being of the team. To date, 132 people have taken part in the 'life-changing' programme, with colleagues saying how the approach to wellness is a 'breath of fresh air and a reset towards positivity' and recommending it to others within the business.

"Our ambition has always been about supporting our staff to thrive in and out of work and for us to become the best place to work in optics and audiology. We have invested and worked hard over the last two years, in partnership with Tasting Colours, to deliver a coordinated approach that benefits the individual and lets us, as a business, enjoy the halo effect of happy, healthier staff."

OutsideClinic's Head of well-being and external relationships, Lynda Oliver

Help employees reach their full potential

The six-week-long well-being programme allows employees across the business to sign up and work directly with Tasting Colours to increase well-being, build personalised well-being plans and boost their motivation. Each employee's well-being score is identified before the programme starts, with any changes to this score measured regularly throughout the process.

In the long term, OutsideClinic aims to provide all employees with the tools and services to empower them to reach their potential and work to create an environment where people can be happy to work and consistently perform at their best, with transparent and open working practices.

The drive to become the industry's employer of choice comes as the company aims to grow by a further 20% over the next 18 months as it bids to help record numbers of patients and ensure that everyone who needs it has access to quality hearing and eye care.

After hearing from some of the OutsideClinic colleagues who have described their experiences as 'reflective', 'engaging', and 'life-changing', we hear from just a few of those in a brand-new series of blogs detailing their journey of the Tasting Colours experience

Lynda Oliver said: "It's always great to see success in numbers,, but seeing the difference in people and hearing how they have learnt from their experience has translated into their every day is our biggest success."

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