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Making a difference in society

Coming from a long line of opticians, Leeds local Steve Clark has always been fascinated by the profession and finds that being able to help people in the community by visiting them in their own homes is very rewarding.

Winning Optometrist of the year in 2018 - a fantastic achievement awarded by the Association of Optometrists, Steve strives from helping people and being the best he can be.

"I wanted to become an optician because my grandpa was and my great-grandfather before him. When I was young, what made optometry appealing was combining the medical side of what we do and the people.

"Driving home after a day of work, thinking I made a difference to someone's life today is what keeps me motivated," said Steve.

As an optician for OutsideClinic, an advisor to the NHS and Chair of the West Yorkshire Eye Health Network, Steve is very much a busy man, always looking to better himself in any way possible and helping as many people as he can.

Setting up a local Vision Care for Homeless People clinic in 2017, Steve volunteers amongst other professionals, offering free sight tests and glasses to homeless people in the area.

Striving to help as many people as possible and highlighting the importance of eye care to the wider public, Steve has become one of several OutsideClinic Optometrists in a recent recruitment campaign.

As OutsideClinic has seen a 50% increase demand for their services, they are searching for many more opticians to deliver an excellent service to customers across the country and make a difference as Steve does.


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