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Welcome to OutsideClinic, where we specialise in bringing expert, personalised eye tests directly to you.

With over 35 years of dedicated experience, our local opticians are committed to providing specialised eye care in your area, ensuring comfort and quality right where you need it most - at home.

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Free aftercare for a year, including an in-warranty repair service

Accredited and caring Opticians who specialise in providing eye care at home

Opticians are trained to support all cognitive abilities, including those with dementia

Wide range of glasses for all budgets and styles, custom-made in our UK lab

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Why have your eyes tested at home?

Forget about the hassle of travel and crowded waiting rooms.

A home eye test ensures your vision is optimised for your everyday surroundings and activities.

We dedicate as much time as needed for each appointment, ensuring you receive the comprehensive care you deserve. We firmly believe that quality eye care should never be hurried.

Our home tests are particularly convenient for individuals with mobility issues or cognitive challenges such as dementia. You can even have a loved one or carer with you for added support.

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What will it cost?

You can have your eyes tested at home at no cost to you, if you qualify for an NHS eye test and you are unable to get to the opticians unaccompanied - maybe due to a mobility issue or an underlying health condition.

The full eligibility criteria is available on the NHS website, but many of our customers qualify for NHS eye tests for reasons such as:

  • being 60 years old or older
  • being diabetic
  • having glaucoma or being at risk (e.g. due to a family history of the condition)
  • being registered as partially sighted or blind

Don't worry, if you're not sure then just click the button below to complete the form, and we'll give you a call back and explain your options. If you don’t qualify, our standard home eye test fee is just £60.

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How our service works

  1. Book your appointment: Request an appointment by completing the form, and our team will call you to explain your options and arrange a suitable time.
  2. Optician arrives to carry out the test: Our Optician arrives at your home with their portable testing equipment and carry out a full eye examination, just like the one you'd have at a high street optician, but in the comfort of your home.
  3. Results: They will clearly explain the results to you straight away and discuss any issues or updates to your prescription. 
  4. If needed, choose your glasses: Choose from a wide range of frames for all budgets and styles, trying on as many as you like.
  5. Delivery: Once you've chosen, we'll arrange for your new glasses to be custom made for you and delivered to your door.
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