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The following information is dedicated to help you and your patient to make informed choices on whether OutsideClinic is the appropriate provider for your patient.


Our audiologists are experienced in treating:

  • Age-related hearing loss (Presbycusis)
  • Noise-induced hearing loss
  • Sensori-neural hearing loss

Please note that patients should not be referred into, or treated by, the Direct Access Adult Hearing Service if they have any contraindications.

If you are not in a self-referral area, please forward any relevant patient history/symptoms as part of your referral. Please note the patient’s NHS number must be specified on all referral documentation. In order to ensure patient satisfaction, we would suggest that otoscopy is performed on the external canal and any excessive wax is removed prior to referral.

Could you please advise your patient that:

  • We recommend that they are accompanied on the day of our visit to support them.
  • If they are an existing hearing aid user it is useful to have that aid to hand when the Audiologist visits.

e-RS is the preferred referral option, however for non e-RS referrals, please download this form, complete and email to hearing.outsideclinic@nhs.net.

Please click below to see the AQP patient pathway from referral through to aftercare.

View Patient Pathway

How to choose us on e-Referral

Referrals for our specialised service are directed slightly differently than usual booking appointments through e-RS, and this is by selecting the Referral Assessment service.

This service is delivered by locally based Audiologists and is aimed at patients who find it difficult to get to the high street or their local hospital Audiology department unaided. OutsideClinic are contracted by your CCG to carry out this service on behalf of the NHS and is covered by the same contract terms and conditions as all qualified providers who provide a high street or hospital service.

Please email us at hearing.outsideclinic@nhs.net with any queries.

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