Discreet hearing aids

When most people think of a hearing aid, they think of the old, clunky, behind-the-ear NHS hearing aids. While these are still common (albeit far smaller and more stylish than they used to be) there are many more discreet options available.

Discreet can mean different things to different people but whether you want hearing aids that blend in with your hair colour or prefer something that no one can see, there is a discreet hearing aid for you.

Front view of a CIC (Completely In Canal) hearing aid being worn

How can hearing aids be discreet?

Size and fitting type

If you're after "invisible" hearing aids, then CIC (completely-in-canal) and ITC (in-the-canal) hearing aids are the smallest of all the fitting types. Both sit inside the ear canal.

If these are a little too small to handle, then RIC hearing aids are also very discreet. They sit behind the ear but blend in very well.


Here at OutsideClinic, our hearing aids come in a wide range of colours to match different skin tones and hair colours. This helps them blend in and be less noticeable.


Many of our invisible models of hearing aids can be controlled easily and discreetly with a smartphone app, eliminating the need for visible buttons.

Discreet hearing aids available at OutsideClinic

Signia IX

£3,250 - £4,450 per pair

Available as RIC (receiver-in-canal) or CIC (completely-in-canal)

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Signia AX

£1,900 - £4,450 per pair

Available as RIC (receiver-in-canal) or ITE (in-the-ear)

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Widex Moment

£2,800 - £4,450 per pair

Available as RIC (receiver-in-canal), BTE (behind-the-ear), ITE (in-the-ear) or CIC (completely-in-canal)

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Starkey Evolv AI

£2,800 - £4,450 per pair

Available as RIC (receiver-in-canal), BTE (behind-the-ear), ITE (in-the-ear) or CIC (completely-in-canal)

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ReSound Omnia

£3,400 - £4,450 per pair

Available as RIC (receiver-in-canal), BTE (behind-the-ear), ITE (in-the-ear) or CIC (completely-in-canal)

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Rexton MyCore

£1,300 - £2,400 per pair

Available as RIC (receiver-in-canal), BTE (behind-the-ear), ITE (in-the-ear) or CIC (completely-in-canal)

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Speak to a specialist about discreet hearing solutions

Here at OutsideClinic, there are discreet options available for most of our hearing aids. Depending on your budget and preferences on features, our Hearing Specialists will be able to advise on the most suitable option for you. 

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Aftercare is included with all of our hearing aids here at OutsideClinic. Aftercare is available for the lifetime of your hearing aids. Just call 0808 239 3504. Our hearing care specialists are on hand to give you the help you need. 

If you would like extra peace of mind, you can protect your hearing aids against accidental damage with our Hearing CarePlus Plan.

If you are not satisfied with your hearing aids in any way contact us in writing, by telephone or in email as soon as you are aware. If we are unable to meet your expectations or satisfaction within a reasonable amount of time you are entitled to a full refund of costs paid towards your hearing aids. This applies to the first 60 days following delivery and fitting. All warranties are in addition to your statutory (legal) rights.

Following your initial appointment, we’ll visit you at home again to make sure they fit comfortably. We’ll show you how to use the hearing aids, we will check they are working correctly and explain how to look after them.

We offer a 20% discount when replacing lost hearing aids within 2 years of purchase. If your hearing aids have a custom tip/earmould, they will be subject to a £50 non-refundable fee per aid.