Eye health

Here at OutsideClinic, we've been helping people look after their eyes and maintain good vision for over 35 years. 

Whether you've noticed changes in your vision or are seeking specialised advice for conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts or macular degeneration, OutsideClinic is here to support you every step of the way.

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How to look after your eyes

Maintaining healthy eyes is essential for ensuring a lifetime of clear vision.

  1. Have regular eye tests to ensure that problems are detected and treated promptly. The NHS generally recommend that we have our eyes tested every 2 years.
  2. Recognise warning signs (e.g. blurriness, headaches, itchiness, sensitivity to light).
  3. Ensure your glasses prescription is up to date to prevent eye strain, eye fatigue and headaches.
  4. Lead a healthy lifestyle by ensuring you have a balanced diet, get enough sleep and avoid smoking.
  5. Protect your eyes against harmful UV rays and potential hazards by wearing sunglasses or protective eyewear.
  6. Manage your screen time and ensure you set up your screens correctly.

How to know if you need glasses

Some of the signs that your eyesight may be declining include:

  • Vision appears blurry
  • Struggling to see clearly in low light conditions
  • Headaches
  • Having to hold things at a certain distance to see clearly
  • Having to squint to see clearly
  • Eyes feel tired and strained
  • Seeing glare or halos

During an eye test, as well as checking the health of your eyes, the Optician will also check whether you would benefit from wearing new glasses.

Here at OutsideClinic, we have a wide range of glasses available for all styles and budgets.

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Eye conditions

Understanding common eye conditions, their causes, symptoms and treatments, is a good step towards proactive eye care.

Here's just some of the eye conditions that our Opticians see every day:

Where can I get my eyes tested?

You don’t have to visit your Optician to test your eyes. 

If you struggle to get out and about, you may qualify for a free, NHS funded home visit, bringing our expertise to the comfort of your own home.

Our mobile Optometrists bring the latest portable testing equipment to you and provide immediate results and advice.

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Free NHS home eye tests

We deliver free home eye tests on behalf of the NHS.

You can have your eyes tested at home for free if you qualify for an NHS test and you are unable to get to the Opticians unaccompanied - maybe due to a mobility issue or an underlying health condition. Many of our customers qualify for NHS tests for various reasons such as:

  • being 60 years old or older,
  • being diabetic,
  • having glaucoma or being at risk (for instance due to a family history of the condition),
  • being registered as partially sighted or blind.

Don't worry, if you're not sure if you can get NHS funding, just click the button below, complete the form and we'll give you a call back to explain your options.

If you find that NHS funding isn't available for you, but you'd still like a home test, then we offer private home eye tests for just £60.

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If you have any questions, please call our friendly team on 0808 239 4685.

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