FAQs: bloom hearing specialists™ to become OutsideClinic

From 15th January, the bloom hearing specialists™ brand name will retire and become OutsideClinic.

You'll still receive the same great hearing healthcare service from our dedicated team, but we are now part of the UK's largest domiciliary company.

OutsideClinic are accredited by IQIPS and have been a trusted provider of domiciliary hearing care for over 35 years, bringing a wealth of experience to our service, so we’re now equipped to serve you even better.

Rest assured, it's the same quality care, now with more resources and decades of experience to support you.

Any existing appointments booked in will happen as normal unless you’ve received any communication to say otherwise.

Your existing Audiologist will continue to work with OutsideClinic as part of a bigger team who will be able to offer you the same excellent service that you have been used to.

Yes, we will continue to offer the same range of products. Alongside these, we regularly update our range to include the latest and best in hearing technology. This means you'll always have access to both the products you trust and new, innovative options.

You are still entitled to free aftercare and free home visits. You may find variants in prices of other products such as cell batteries. For the best prices on accessories, order through online shop: https://www.outsideclinic.co.uk/shop.

The branches will be rebranded to OutsideClinic and will remain open as normal with the same team. However, please note that the stores will still be open by appointment only. We're committed to providing personalised care, and operating by appointment helps us do just that.

Your data will be securely transferred to OutsideClinic who will hold and maintain your personal data in order to continue to be of service to you.

For more information, please see the privacy policy: https://www.outsideclinic.co.uk/privacy-policy/.

No, any existing warranties, repairs and aftercare will not be affected by this change. You will continue to receive free repairs within warranty.

Any future bookings can be made through the OutsideClinic website, by calling 0800 60 50 40, or the phone number you previously used to contact bloom hearing specialists™. You can also contact us by email on info@outsideclinic.com.

You can access the online hearing test on the OutsideClinic website here: https://www.outsideclinic.co.uk/free-online-hearing-check

Yes, this will still be honoured.

If you still have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at 0800 60 50 40 or customerservices@bloomhearing.co.uk.