Home hearing tests for the elderly

Expert hearing care at home, for those who need it most

With over 35 years of expertise, OutsideClinic specialises in delivering hearing tests at home for those who can't easily get out and about.

Ensure your loved one receives professional hearing care in the comfort and familiarity of their own home, without any hassle for you or them.

Book a free home hearing test

Book a free home hearing test

Accredited and caring Audiologists who specialise in providing care at home

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No rushed appointments — the test will take as long as needed

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Wide range of hearing aids for all budgets and styles

Lifetime aftercare and free servicing

Specialised hearing tests for people living with dementia

Although our home hearing tests are an excellent choice for anyone, they are particularly beneficial for those living with dementia or other complex needs.

Our audiologists are trained to support a range of cognitive abilities, including dementia, which allows each individual to receive the best possible care in their own familiar surroundings.

We also purposely have longer and flexible appointments slots which allow us to do the test at a slower pace if needed.

And there is always the option to have a loved one or carer present during the test for added reassurance.

Book a dementia-friendly hearing test

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