Bluetooth hearing aids

Almost all of our hearing aids are equipped with Bluetooth technology. 

They are designed to integrate seamlessly into your daily life. They connect directly to smartphones, tablets, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices, making it easier to manage calls, listen to music, or watch videos with clarity and ease.

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What can Bluetooth hearing aids be used for?

Features vary by product. Book a free hearing assessment today to find the right hearing aid for you.

Taking and making phone calls

Connect your smartphone with your hearing aids to seamlessly stream phone calls directly into your ears with high-quality sound.

Listening to music, radio, podcasts and audiobooks

Whether it's music, radio, podcasts or audiobooks, you get straightforward, high-quality sound directly through your hearing aids, without needing extra headphones or earbuds.

Watching TV

Connect your TV to your Bluetooth hearing aids so you don't miss a thing! If your TV doesn't have Bluetooth, most manufacturers offer accessories that plug into your TV to help get you connected.

Controlling your hearing aids

Almost all hearing aids have a smartphone app that allow you to adjust the volume and change programs. For more advanced hearing aids, this could also include adjusting the sound using AI (Artificial Intelligence) or playing tinnitus therapy sounds.

Hearing better in noisy environments

Some Bluetooth hearing aids allow you to connect a compatible remote microphone to better capture and hear sounds in noisy environments.

Receiving alerts and notifications

Get smartphone notifications, such as texts and calendar alerts, sent directly to your hearing aids so you don't miss a thing.

Want to find out more about Bluetooth hearing aids?

If you are interesting in the benefits of Bluetooth hearing aids, then get in touch and we'll help you get connected to clearer hearing!

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Not all NHS hearing aids are Bluetooth-enabled. It depends on various factors such as the specific NHS trust, the model of the hearing aid, and budget considerations.

NHS hearing aid services typically focus on providing basic, functional hearing aids that meet the essential hearing needs of patients. 

If you're looking for an NHS hearing aid with Bluetooth connectivity, it's important to discuss your needs with your Audiologist or hearing care professional. 

We offer a 20% discount when replacing lost hearing aids within 2 years of purchase. If your hearing aids have a custom tip/earmould, they will be subject to a £50 non-refundable fee per aid.

Aftercare is included with all of our hearing aids here at OutsideClinic. Aftercare is available for the lifetime of your hearing aids. Just call 0808 239 3504. Our hearing care specialists are on hand to give you the help you need. 

If you would like extra peace of mind, you can protect your hearing aids against accidental damage with our Hearing CarePlus Plan.

If you are not satisfied with your hearing aids in any way contact us in writing, by telephone or in email as soon as you are aware. If we are unable to meet your expectations or satisfaction within a reasonable amount of time you are entitled to a full refund of costs paid towards your hearing aids. This applies to the first 60 days following delivery and fitting. All warranties are in addition to your statutory (legal) rights.

Following your initial appointment, we’ll visit you at home again to make sure they fit comfortably. We’ll show you how to use the hearing aids, we will check they are working correctly and explain how to look after them.