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Why are my hearing aids whistling?

Experiencing feedback or a whistling sound from your hearing aids can be inconvenient and annoying. There can be various causes for a whistling hearing aid, even in the latest models which are equipped with feedback cancellation technology.

4 common causes of whistling in hearing aids

1. Hearing aids not fitting correctly

A proper fit is essential to ensure the hearing aids function correctly. A poor fit can result in feedback. 

At OutsideClinic, we personally come and fit the hearing aids of our customers, ensure they know how to use and look after them, and check they are working correctly. 

If you’re a customer and your hearing aids or tips/earmoulds do not fit correctly then please contact us.

2. Incorrect sound settings

Hearing aids need to be tuned to match your hearing. 

Excessively high volume in the wrong areas can cause your hearing aids to whistle. You may be able to resolve the issue by decreasing the volume. 

However, this can reduce the sound clarity and your ability to hear. We recommend regular hearing check-ups to ensure you are always getting the best sound for your hearing loss.

3. A build-up of ear wax

Wax build-up in the ears is a very common cause of feedback. 

It can be difficult to tell if your ears have a build-up of wax though, so we recommend regular ear examinations to check for this.

4. Hearing aids being covered

Items such as hats or scarves may inadvertently cover your hearing aids, leading to feedback. Ensuring these do not obstruct your device should mitigate the whistling.

If you’re having issues with your current hearing aids, or if you're simply due for a hearing test, why not book your next hearing appointment with us?

Here at OutsideClinic, we provide regular hearing aid servicing which is included in the cost of our hearing aids. You’ll also have lifetime aftercare, so if you need any help between appointments, our hearing specialists are on hand to give you the help you need.

Whether you choose to have your appointment at home, or in one of our hearing branches, we’ll make sure your hearing aids provide clarity and comfort, without the whistle.

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