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Lifelong musician overcomes hearing loss

Meet one of OutsideClinic’s patients, a passionate musician, who has dedicated his life to music and has been playing in bands for most of his life.

He arranges music for other musicians and writes everything for the band he’s part of. He also jams at a local jazz club with a quintet of musicians who have been playing music together for over 40 years.

However, 5 years ago, he went through a difficult period in his life which meant he could no longer lead the band he had been in since the 80’s.

Eventually, he picked up his instruments again which gave him a “real lift”, but he found that the sound was dull, like he wasn’t getting the full sound of the music through the stereo. When he returned to band rehearsals, he was not hearing the instruments clearly and people were having to shout to communicate with him.

As it happened, he had been given standard, store-brand hearing aids from a high-street Audiologist two years ago but wasn’t wearing them as they made the sounds too sharp. They were making it difficult for him to hear treble, high-pitched sounds and delicate soft sounds. His ears were also blocked with ear wax, which limited his hearing even more.

After struggling to get an appointment with his usual provider at short notice, he arranged to see an audiologist from OutsideClinic. With shorter waiting times, she was able to come and see him at home in time for his next gig. This meant he didn’t have the hassle of going into town, finding parking, navigating crowded stores, and sitting in waiting rooms.

The OutsideClinic Audiologist recognised the importance of music in his life and was determined to find a solution. She managed to clear his ears of wax, which improved his hearing immediately. However, the underlying hearing loss still needed addressing.

She was able to provide him with some new Widex hearing aids, which are known for their sound quality and customisability. Once fitted with his new Widex hearing aids, he experienced a remarkable transformation in his musical experience. He picked up his saxophone and was able to appreciate its true sound, describing it as "bright but also edgy."

“I had an awful job with the other hearing aids to begin with. I had no idea there were other sound systems out there. It’s just a shame that I did not try this sooner.”

- OutsideClinic patient

His new hearing aids provided a broader sound with more texture and feeling. He said that: “They have done the trick for me with the music, it has made the music alive again. It really lifts you – music has been such an important part of my life.”

“Now he hears the true saxophone sound the way it should be. Now there is more texture, more feeling, a different sound. I am personally very grateful that we have been able to extend his hearing range to include the soul of music making and bring him so much pleasure.”

- OutsideClinic Audiologist

In this story, we see how the dedicated team at OutsideClinic discovered the right hearing aids that reignited this musician's love for music. It shows the critical importance of personalised hearing solutions and ensuring that hearing care is tailored to one's unique circumstances, hobbies, passions and lifestyle.

It serves as a testament to OutsideClinic’s firm belief that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't always suffice when it comes to enhancing the quality of life and enabling individuals to fully immerse themselves in their true passions.

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