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Aftercare For Visioncall Glasses

Glasses are important in order to see better and live better, which is why we offer aftercare for Visioncall glasses. Mishaps happen, but your sight shouldn't suffer as a result.

What does Visioncall's aftercare for glasses include?

Following your sight test, if you choose to proceed with one of our frames, our aftercare includes repairs and replacements of Visioncall glasses.

If your glasses break, are damaged or need adjusting, we'll pay you another visit and take care of your glasses for you.

We'll visit you in the comfort of your own home to assess your glasses and carry out minor repairs.

If we can't repair your glasses on-site, we'll take your glasses and fix them in our in-house lab.

We'll then personally return with your glasses and make any adjustments to make sure they feel comfortable when you wear them.

Why does Visioncall offer repairs and replacements?

Most of the people we help are living within a care setting and usually share their home with 10 or more people.

With various activities ongoing and people coming and going, it's inevitable that an accident will happen.

That's why we offer aftercare for your Visioncall glasses, so you can rest easy and continue to wear your glasses.

It's important to wear your glasses to see better and live better regardless of the risk of wear and tear.

Better vision can help prevent falls and enable a richer life doing activities that aren't possible without glasses.

Top tips to minimise mishaps

Caring for our glasses is just as important as caring for our eyes.

Handle with care

Avoid pulling your glasses off or pushing them onto your face with one hand.

When you take your glasses off, place them flat on a surface with the frame facing up.

Don't touch the lenses with your fingers and only clean your glasses with a soft glasses cloth.

Eyewear retainers can help you avoid losing your glasses

Eyewear retainers (strings, chains or straps) allow you to wear your glasses around your neck when you're not wearing them.

This is a useful solution if you have a tendency to leave your glasses lying around.

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