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Life with hearing loss

They speak to June Hughes, 62, who explains what life is like for her:

"My hearing loss is moderate to severe, and I feel it is getting progressively worse as time passes. I have tinnitus in both ears. It's a loud droning and sounds like I have a hoover on permanently in my head, impacting my hearing ability. My hearing loss is hereditary and age-related. My maternal grandmother was very deaf. My mother also suffered from hearing loss and my sister has hearing loss and tinnitus.

I have four lovely grandchildren, but, sadly, I struggle to hear what any of them say to me. It upsets me. The whole thing makes me feel isolated and alone. And, this year, coronavirus has made things worse than ever.

I find shopping difficult at the best of times but, with everyone in the shops now wearing face coverings, trying to understand what people are saying is utterly exhausting.

I would be over the moon if I could hear again. I used to love being cosy at home and listening to rain on the windows. It sounds like such a small thing, but I miss it so much. I have seen my family members struggle with hearing loss. You never know when it could affect you or your loved ones."

Unfortunately, many people like Jane are struggling through this awful time with their hearing loss and further isolation from the pandemic. RNID continue to provide essential services for people who have hearing loss and tinnitus. Their research is continuously looking for new and better treatments.

If you need more support or information, please visit the RNID website: RNID - National hearing loss charity or if you require a home hearing test, call us.

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