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Welcome to OutsideClinic, where we specialise in bringing expert, personalised eye tests directly to you.

With over 35 years of dedicated experience, our local opticians are committed to providing specialised eye care in your area, ensuring comfort and quality right where you need it most - at home.

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Appointments at your pace

Here at OutsideClinic, we don't believe in rushed appointments. That's why we dedicate as much time as needed for each appointment, ensuring you receive the comprehensive care you deserve. We firmly believe that quality eye care should never be hurried.

Eye care for everyone

Although our home eye tests are an excellent choice for anyone, they are particularly beneficial for those who face difficulties in getting out and about. Our opticians are trained to support a range of cognitive abilities, which allows each individual to receive the best possible care in their own familiar surroundings.

Glasses selection made easy

If the optician finds that you'd benefit from new glasses, you'll have the luxury of trying on a range of frames, for all budgets and styles, from the comfort of your sofa. Once you've made your choice, your glasses will be custom-made for you in our UK lab and delivered directly to your home.

What will it cost?

Quality home eye care may cost less than you think.

People over 60 in the UK qualify for NHS-funded eye tests, and if you struggle to the Opticians unaccompanied, then you are likely to qualify for an eye test at home at no extra cost. We check this for you as part of our booking process, or you can check by clicking the button below and completing the form.

If you don’t qualify, our standard home eye test fee is just £60.

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