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Providing home eye care from Greenock to North Berwick, Oban to Ayr

Originally from Northern Ireland, Stephen moved to Glasgow to study Optometry in 2006. After working in high street opticians, he gained his first experience in domiciliary optometry with Healthcall Optical, seeing patients in their care homes, private homes, and hospitals.

He found this work deeply rewarding, especially the extra time spent with patients and making a significant impact on those who had limited access to eyecare. Building trust is central to his approach, as he is invited into patients' homes. He has enjoyed seeing patients year after year, creating lasting relationships. Remarkably, he still visits a lady from his first day of testing in 2012.

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Providing optometry services since 2006

Experience in high street opticians, patient's homes, care homes & hospitals

Leading a team of 3 experienced Optometrists

Passionate about building relationships on trust

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What's the cost of a home eye test?

You can have your eyes tested at home, at no cost to you, if you are unable to get to the opticians unaccompanied - maybe due to a mobility issue or an underlying health condition. 

Many of our customers qualify for NHS-funded eye tests for various reasons such as:

  • being 60 years old or older,
  • being diabetic,
  • having glaucoma or being at risk (for instance, due to a family history of the condition),
  • being registered as partially sighted or blind.

However, there are many other reasons that could qualify you for NHS funding.

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How does a home eye test work?

An eye test at home with OutsideClinic is comfortable and non-invasive.

Before your appointment, you’ll receive confirmation of the date and a phone call on the day with the expected arrival time. 

The Optician will arrive with their portable equipment, confirm your details, and ask about your medical history and symptoms. They’ll conduct the test using an eye chart, measure your eye pressure, check the health of your eyes, and determine your prescription. 

After explaining the results, they’ll help you choose new glasses if needed, which will be delivered to your home. The entire process takes about an hour.