Life-long artist takes part in our campaign


Life-long artist takes part in campaign to raise awareness of at home eye testing services

A resident of Windsor, Edward Weaver has been an artist since a young boy. Using the home eye-testing service from The Outside Clinic was key to being able to continue with what is more than simply a hobby to him.

‘I rang my local optician in Englefield Green and explained that I could not get to them since a recent serious illness and they put me on to The Outside Clinic that specialize in carrying out tests in peoples’ homes. I called them and Raman came out to visit me soon afterwards’, said Mr. Weaver.

Mr. Weaver has painted all his life and still manages to paint usually every other day, his work covers the walls of his home and fills the rooms. Many of his paintings were commissions over the years and he still accepts the odd commission, although these days he asks that people make a contribution to the local hospice Thames Hospicecare in Windsor instead of paying him.

With a varied and interesting life, he first enlisted in the Royal Navy and later made a career in forestry, living in New Zealand before settling in Windsor. His paintings are therefore to be found literally all over the world. Good vision is critical to being able to continue painting, ‘People that don’t paint imagine that you have to work close up to the canvas but in fact you are constantly moving when you paint. I believe that anyone can paint and I have taught many people to do the basics.’

One of the advantages of a home sight test is that the optometrist can take account of any specific optical needs that a patient has and Raman was able to discuss the details of what is involved in painting such as the ‘focal length’ that Mr Edwards requires and he was able to take measurements in the location that Edward actually works sitting at his easel.

‘In the last 12 months my sight has got much worse and I was worried that I might not be able to carry on painting. With my painting I get something in my mind and I want to follow it through; I build the picture up gradually,’ he added

Raman Aggarwal is based in the south of England and his role also involves working in The Outside Clinic’s professional services support team. A typical day visiting patients involves seeing a number of people in their own homes and carrying out both tests and dispensing spectacles. ‘’I worked originally in a more traditional high street practice but it’s really rewarding to see people at home and help them to be able to do more through improved vision. Like Mr. Weaver many of them have specific needs that we are able to assess more accurately in their home setting.’’

Mr. Weaver prefers painting in oils and explained to The Outside Clinic’s publicity team on the day how he works by building up a picture and how the brush marks work. The company is delighted to have been able to help him continue with his hobby and think that this is a great of example of what working in sight testing within the community means in real life.

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