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Taster experience

How do you know if a job is right for you before you apply?

Especially if it means taking a leap into a new branch of optometry that you’ve never considered before. At OutsideClinic you can book a free, no-commitment Taster Experience to see for yourself what 21st Century domiciliary is really like. And when we say ‘experience’ we mean just that.

Meet the team

From Scheduling to Professional Services, we will give you a much greater understanding of the team that’s there to support everything that you do.

Hands-on with the kit

As well as the famous EYEris digital record system, you will get hands-on with the portable slit lamp, digital fundus camera, tonometer and indirect binocular ophthalmoscope.

Conduct a home eye test

You can appreciate the enormous difference you will make to people’s lives, and experience their gratitude for your help.

A taste of things to come

Wouldn’t it be great if you could experience a day in the life of a home visiting optometrist, before you apply for the role? That’s exactly why we offer our taster experience. You’ll have the chance to visit our head office, meet the team, use the latest portable equipment and even carry out a home eye test. Fill in the form below or call 01793 648 602 to find out more.

Get hands on with the kit

Technology and equipment is the biggest eye-opener for most people. On the Taster Experience, you’ll get to use a mobile version of nearly every type of instrument you would find in a high street practice. You also have a chance to go out in the field and discover what it’s like to conduct a test in someone’s home rather than a windowless practice room.

"I had no idea domiciliary was so advanced. The equipment is incredible."

It all started with a sheet of A4 paper

We offer a unique bespoke tablet system, called EYEris, that has helped us as a business better adapt to the changing face of optometry by improving the whole patient experience, raising industry standards and making the lives of Optometrists easier. We chat with one of the inventors about the construction of their creation.

Designed for Optoms, by Optoms

Key to the success of the system is the fact that EYEris (EYE record information system) was designed for Optometrists by Optometrists. As I sat down with one of the designers of OutsideClinic's bespoke tablet system I can see and hear how passionate he is about the creation. Nick Wingate, Director of Professional Services, invented EYEris with his colleague and Optometrist of the Year 2018, Steve Clark with the help of OutsideClinic’s IT department. It has since proven itself as an efficient, flexible and brilliant piece of equipment that promotes great quality record keeping, keeps the test patient-focused and gives each Optometrist their individuality.

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